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Now What? Pickleball Entrepeneurs

Now What? Pickleball Entrepeneurs

Can A Passion For Pickleball Produce a Business?

If you've been paying attention you know that two years ago we had no idea what this crazy sport was. It wasn't long afterwards we were hit with the thunderbolt, and here we are now - Pickleball Apparel entrepreneurs.

"Pandemic Picklers"; that's what we called ourselves, but that term no longer suffices. Our COVID diversion went from coolers and cocktails with friends to lessons, camps, paddle clubs, vacations and ultimately the desire to become part of the entire scene.

And what a scene it is. Pickleball is now getting primetime television slots, professional leagues, prize money and honest-to-God "celebrities" for a sport that has a plastic paddle and a wiffleball. And it's awesome, amirite? It's safe to say Pickleball has reached and surpassed the tipping point of "fad" and moved directly into our social fabric in America.

So now we've put our money (literally) where our mouths are and created a brand of shirts, tanks, hoodies and jackets that we think represent the sport appropriately. Functional, comfortable, stylish and snarky (that's actually what I want engraved on my tombstone, but I digress...). Our initial launch features a modest selection in men's and women's styles, all designed in-house by your new #PicklerTribe.

New styles will be added as we get our feet on the ground, and we're always interested in hearing from you about styles and designs YOU think would make a great Pickleball shirt.

Will we make this business a thriving enterprise? I guess that depends on you, right? Give a chance; wear our gear, write a review, leave us a note, send us a pic, we want to hear from you.

Can a passion truly create a business? We're betting "yes" - will you join us in the journey?


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