Marcus Polanco

3-Time Gold Medalist

Height: 5'9

Weight: 160lbs

Born: July 9, 1992

Occupation: Tax Specialist for Accounting Firm

Started Picklin': May, 2022

Current Paddle: Selkirk Power Air Invikta

Favorite Shots: Tweeners, Ernies

"My pickleball journey actually began several years ago. I had first heard about the sport through my grandfather who was, and still is addicted to pickle. We would always joke and make fun of him for playing this silly sport called pickleball for years. In early 2022 my parents went to visit my grandparents, and my grandfather brought my dad out to play pickle. Like most when they first begin, he was hooked and was eager to play with both my brother and I. When my parents returned we were actually sitting around a campfire on a camping trip mid may and pickle came up in conversation. We decided to try it out and purchase a net, paddles, and balls on Amazon. We were instantly hooked and I have not looked back since!"