Who is Sluggo?

When we first started playing Pickleball, like many of you we were instantly hooked. Our new hobby turned into a full-blown obsession resulting in marathon sessions, as “Just One More Game” became the common refrain from our group of picklers.

Sore, fatigued, injured, exhausted – “ONE more game!” When dink.pro became a reality we wanted a mascot who embodied the same spirit…and “Sluggo” was born!

I made a (very) rough draft of our new guy hoping to capture three important tenets of our brand and the sport itself:

  • Determination – We play for fun, we play for exercise, we play for the social aspect – but we ultimately play to win! Fighting through the various plateaus you reach on your ascension to 3.5 and beyond, it takes practice and commitment to craft your game.
  • Play-Through – We found out quickly that this friendly game can beat you up! Torn meniscus, torn bicep, pulled hamstrings, sprained ankles, and the occasional “Pickleball tattoo” when you get nailed by a screaming 40 mph ripper from the NVZ. But Sluggo is a “rub some dirt on it” kinda pickler, so no matter what, he plays through it!
  • Have Fun! – We’re going to grind out every point, celebrate the successes, forgive the misses, tap paddles and get ready for the next game. If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!

A look of determination, a scuff mark from the effort, and a smile that says “game on.” That is who Sluggo is.